• सुखार्थी त्यजते विद्यं विध्यार्थी त्यजते सुखम्सु sखर्थीन: कुतॊ विद्या कुतॊ विध्यार्थीन: सुखम् ||
  • “Luxury people leave knowledge, but a student leaves Luxury No knowledge for one who seeks Luxury, No luxury for student”
  • न चोर हार्यं न च राज हार्यं न भात्रू भाज्यं न च भारकारि |व्ययं कृते वर्धत एव नित्यं विद्याधनं सर्वधनप्रधानम ||
  • Cannot be snatched away by thief, cannot be snatched away by king, Cannot be divided among brothers, Not heavy either If spent daily, it always keeps growing. The wealth of knowledge is the precious of wealth of all”

Hybrid Topology


Hybrid means mixture of different things. Hybrid topology is mixture of two or more topologies to form a resultant topology.


Hybrid, as the name suggests, is mixture of two different things. Similarly in this type of topology we integrate two or more different topologies to form a resultant topology which has good points(as well as weaknesses) of all the constituent basic topologies rather than having characteristics of one specific topology. This combination of topologies is done according to the requirements of the organization.

For example, if there exists a star topology in one office department while a ring topology in another department, connecting these two will result in Hybrid topology.

Connecting two similar topologies cannot be termed as Hybrid topology.

Star-Ring and Star-Bus networks are most common examples of hybrid network. 

Advantages of Hybrid Network Topology

1) Flexible: Hybrid Network can be designed according to the requirements of the organization.

2) Effective: Hybrid topology is the combination of two or more topologies,  we can design hybrid topology can be designed in such a way that strengths  of the topologies are maximized .


3) Scalable: Its easy to increase the size of network by adding new components, without disturbing existing setup.

4)  Reliable: Unlike other networks, fault detection and troubleshooting is easy in this type of topology. The part in which fault is detected can be isolated from the rest of network and required corrective measures can be taken, without affecting the functioning of rest of the network.

Disadvantages of Hybrid Topology

1) Design complexity: Design of hybrid architecture is not an easy job for network designer. Highly skilled engineers are required to do the job.


2) Cost of infrastructure: Hubs required to connect two different networks is costly. As hybrid network is large they require a lot of cables, high end networking equipments and cooling systems.

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